SMT-1930 (Discontinued)

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SMT-1930 (Discontinued)
18.5" Wide TFT-LED Monitor

Discontinued - Suggested Replacement : SMT-1931
The SMT-1930 features a 16:9 aspect ratio wide screen and supports up to 1360 x 768 resolution making ideal for displaying images captured from High Definition (HD) cameras. Designed specifically for use in professional security systems it possesses a dynamic contrast ratio of 1000:1, a 5ms response time and a HDMI/VGA input connection. The 18.5” SMT-1930 monitor is intended to provide security system operators with a high performance display solution.
Key Features:
  • Supports up to 1280 x 1024 resolution, 4:3 display
  • Superior image quality DNIe (Digitial Natural Image engine)
  • High contrast ratio 1000:1
  • 120Hz processing smooth judder in motion
  • Fast response time 5ms
  • Durable tempered glass screen
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